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Tristan MacDougall studied Fine Art: Sculpture at Winchester School of Art (2000) where he created modernist and conceptual sculpture and installations. Feeling unfulfilled by his artistic pursuits in the few years following art school, and rediscovering his love for figurative art at the Prince's Drawing School, he saved money from his day job in order to study drawing and sculpture in the classical tradition at The Florence Academy of Art (2005). Although the programme of study in Florence was highly disciplined and demanding it opened a new world to his imagination and sculptural creation.
"At the centre of all my work is a deep love and respect for the tradition of classical sculpture and I seek to bring a fresh voice to this tradition. I am driven by a desire to push my craft to the highest standards of which I am capable, while taking great pleasure in exploring the raw energy of the human form described with the plasticity of clay."
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