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David Klein MRSS 


David is an unlikely sculptor coming to the precarious life as an artist from the security of an earlier career in engineering. A chance encounter with the sculptor John Jennings inspired a keen interest in portrait sculpture. This eventually led to David studying full-time at the Frink School of Sculpture in Stoke-on-Trent, a small but intense academy which contrary to the artistic climate at the time advocated acute observation, life study and the practical skills of figurative sculpture.

After graduation, David traveled widely in France, Spain and Africa paying he way by creating portraits of people he met. On returning to England he set up a stone-carving studio in Brighton and working in conjunction with The Thackeray Gallery, Kensington, began to forge a reputation for powerful and enigmatic stone carvings, marked by sensitivity. In 2007, his work was recognised when he became one of the finalists in the Inaugural Founders Prize, culminating in his marquettes being shown at the V&A.

David's principle interest is in form and line, its endless possibilities to calm, excite or surprise the eye whilst always being a uniquely physical encounter.

Whether working closely to the human form or exploring more abstract relationships the process of both modeling in clay and carving in stone is at once intensely enjoyable and deeply engaging. It can seem almost a process of meditation in which a more intuitive and distantly familiar set of rules apply.

David feels proud to be working within the figurative tradition, and in his own words 'It can span cultures, connect us with our ancestors and hopefully be intelligible to generations to come.'


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  • 1990-92 Apprentice to John Jennings, FRBS

  • 1992-93 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Staffordshire University

  • 1993-95 Postgraduate course in Figurative Sculpture, Frink School of Sculpture


Laughton, Easton Sussex


Plaster, Stone, Bronze


  • 2008 The Master Class Prize, The Society of Portrait Sculptors


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