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Portrait sculpture has been a universal way of celebrating the individual.

From the Greeks and the Romans through Renaissance and Baroque and the great 19th Century French tradition to the extraordinary freedom of sculpture in the 20th Century.

A sculptural portrait is beyond words and more than a photograph. Commissioning a portrait sculpture is a unique and satisfying process, as the sculptor Frank Dobson said, "...You go to an artist for a work of art". A person's character and life is distilled into a sculpture. It is both an object of sculpture and the result of the intuitive observation of the sitter by the sculptor.

The Society of Portrait Sculptors exists to show the best portrait sculpture so our Annual Exhibition and this website is the first place to look before commissioning. Most sculptors model in clay but final materials range from bronze and terracotta to carved stone and wood, resin and painted plaster. 

If you are interested in commissioning a sculpture, please email the Honorary Secretary with the names of sculptors that you are interested in, and the Society will ask those selected to contact you directly.

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