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Jane Hamilton 


Jane was born in Suffolk, England but lived the first six years of her life in West Africa, a vivid experience that has had a profound and lasting effect on her work.

"I love the elegance, the sensuality and dignity that, for me, are such an integral part of African culture. I have always been drawn to the ‘feet in the dust’ feel of people, the essential strength and vulnerability that exists in all of us when everything else is stripped away. I like sculptures to be uplifting, to have an essential feel and beauty that can touch the inner emotions that we all have, but often tend to ignore."

A member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors, Jane trained at Falmouth School of Art, City of Guilds School of Art and the Sir John Cass School, London. She is a prolific exhibitor of mainly commissioned based sculpture and is widely represented in international collections. Jane lives and works in Oxfordshire. She also has a strong connection with New Zealand, Nelson in particular through her husband Simon Allison who is also a sculptor.

Jane is a figurative sculptor and for the last 25 years she has specialised in commissioned portrait heads.

"I find each commission a tremendous challenge, whether the subject is young or old. Early adolescence is a particularly interesting age, as there is still the vulnerability of youth but with the beginning of an adult bone structure. Each individual head is a journey of discovery. Portraiture is not just about getting a likeness, it’s about trying to capture the essence of the person. essence of the character."



Oxfordshire, United Kingdom






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