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Jean Masson Davidson Medal 

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Founded in 1962 the Jean Masson Davidson Medal is the Society's highest award for distinguished services and outstanding achievement in portrait sculpture and has only been awarded twenty one times in the fifty years since the medal was first introduced. 

In 2013 the medal was presented posthumously to the late Brian Taylor who died earlier in the year. He was Vice President of the Society and his lifetime's work has been an inspiration to so many. 

Pictured: Neal French FRSS winner 2018

Winners of The Jean Masson Davidson Medal


1963 T.B.Huxley-Jones

1964 Malcolm Fry

1965 Giacamo Manzu

1966 Leon Underwood

1967 Gertrude Hermes

1972 David McFall

1974 Alfred Karny

1976 Joseph Kiselewski

1978 Franta Belsky

1998 Barbara Tribe

1999 Stanislav Hanzik

2000 Josephina de Vasconcellos

2002 David Houchin

2003 Imre Varga

2004 Irena Sedlecka

2005 Paul Fletcher

2006 Ian Walters

2008 Anthony Stones

2009 Vlasta Prachatika

2012 Nigel Boonham

2013 Brian Taylor

2018 Neal French

2023 Robert Hunt 


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