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The illustration on our website is thought to be Mausolus, Satrap of Caria (350BC) - considered possibly one of the first portraits of the Classical world. The features of this monumental statue from Halicarnassus (in southwest Turkey), which was on the periphery of the ancient Greek world, create the impression of a real individual.

This is the beginnings of the realisation of personality synthesised in sculptural form by Greek sculptors and is a distinct progression from the more idealised 'portrait 'sculptures of preceding generations.

Image by kind permission of the British Museum.


Pictured: Mausolus, Satrap of Caria

The Society Logo

The logo of the Society is from a Greek intaglio from the Vth Century BC in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, illustrating a sculptor modelling a head. Other engraved gems of the period show sculptors working with a plumb-line with a figure sculpture, still an essential tool for sculptors today. 


Pictured: The Society logo

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