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Willow Legge


Willow Legge studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art from 1951 to 1956 under Willi Soukop and Bernard Meadows. There she met and married fellow artist Ron King. After a period in Canada, where she worked as a portrait sculptor, she returned to England with her family and settled in Guildford, continuing sculptural work alongside family commitments and a part-time career in Art Therapy. In 1987 Willow became a freelance portrait sculptor in the Tussauds Studios in London while continuing with her own work in portraiture.

Her sculptures include carvings in stone and marble and work in direct plaster and bronze. She has also been involved in making Artist's Books using a technique of intaglio printing to create an embossed image in relief on the page. Willow has exhibited her work in The Young Contempories Exhibition, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, and , most recently, in The National Portrait Gallery's touring exhibition of self portraits by women artists entitled Mirror Mirror.

Willow Legge currently lives and works in Bosham, West Sussex where her portraits and other work can be seen in her studio by appointment.

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