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Charles Darwin

Welcome to The Society of Portrait Sculptors 

The Society of Portrait Sculptors is a representative body of professional sculptors committed to making portrait and figurative sculpture accessible to a wider public. The aims of The Society are to advance the art of three-dimensional and bas-relief portraiture; to maintain, promote and encourage the highest standards; to challenge preconceptions about portrait sculpture and to stimulate increased interest in an art form that is timeless yet contemporary. To achieve this The Society works in several ways but primarily through its Annual Open Exhibition and by seeking to encourage education and training in the art through lectures, prizes and sculpture classes.

Auguste Rodin             - 

"I think only of outlines, to see that they are right and just"

Kathleen Scott - 

"An artist ... ought to look again and see more than anyone has ever seen"

FACE 2021

This Open Exhibition is the only forum for contemporary portrait sculpture in this country and consists of about 70 sculptures of which approximately one third is chosen from open submission from non members. It is an international exhibition and open to entries worldwide.

FACE 2021: The Society is planning both an online and gallery exhibition for Face 2021. The gallery event will conform with the pandemic restrictions dictated at the time. 

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