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Xingyun Chen 

Resin, 2 of 9

53 x 36 x 20 cm 


He was wearing thick clothes, tattered.  When he opened the button on the collar, what was revealed was extremely clear and sharp bones.  This thin old man is an elder scraps collector who picks up rubbish in the village all the year round.  But this old man is very optimistic and enjoys his life now.  He feels that while picking up trash can not only improve the village environment, but also exercise.  Relying on one’s own hands for food is a self-cultivation.  This is a way to return to life, freedom and self.  In this bitter world, life is short and food and clothing are rare.  We are bound and entangled by all kinds of greedy thoughts so we suffer.  The Buddha said “Let go, you will be at ease”.

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