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Xingyun Chen 

Resin, 1 of 9

45 x 18 x 16 cm 


In the month when I just turned 30, I made a self-portrait.  30 years old is still very young for an artist but for an ordinary woman, 30 years old means that you should enter into marriage as soon as possible, your career will rise steadily and become mature and stable, instead of being a ‘girl’ in your heart.  Now there are always some irrelevant people who care more about my age and living condition than myself.  I don’t know when there were various social standards for 30 years old women.  At the age of 30, I do feel confused and panicked because of some social pressure.  Everyone has a different perception of 30 years old.  In my case, age is just a number.  So please spare 30 years old women!  Women’s marriage and life are their own choices.  They are just ‘blooming’ rather than ‘withering’.  The diversity of life is still slowly unfolding.  Life cannot be repeated.  I want to thank all the years for making me unique.  I love me who is 30 years old.

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