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May 24th , 2011:
Laminar Systems Ltd are celebrating their 15th Anniversary this year. Having provided Internet services since 1996. Although focusing in the UK, we have customers from Asia, the USA, and Europe.



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Laminar's Internet Services

Laminar provides complete Internet provision for small businesses in the UK and other parts of the world. We provide a personal service, complete continuity of care, with free advice based on decades of experience in the computer industry.

So it looks like we offer the same as everyone else. Let us explain what we mean by this.

1) Complete Internet Provision
Nowadays, all businesses require at least email, plus usually a website and a means of connecting to the Internet. Once initial familiarity with what is available is achieved, businesses will usually want more sophistication. Web applications, integrated email with office systems, email both in and out of the office, spam and virus handling, Interactive websites etc. Laminar Systems can help with advice and provision on all these areas.

2) Personal Service
As a company we have never chased sales to the detriment of providing a personal service to existing customers. This means that we are familiar with your business needs and strive to answer queries quickly and efficiently.

3) Continuity of Care
This is one area we hope to be 'a cut above' the rest. It is a frequent experience, that when trying to fix a problem, a supplier will conclude that its nothing to do with them and tell you its not their problem. We've often heard the 'Oh we don't support the xyz device so can't help you' when we've been trying to get to the bottom of issues. We attempt to help you even when its not our problem, and can manage its resolution.

4) 'Decades of experience'
Although only involved in selling Internet Services since 1996, our staff have been writing software since 1970, from machine code and assembler to the highly structured languages of today. We should be able to provide you with a good solution for your needs. Laminar Systems are of the view that if a computer system is not saving a company time and money, then it is not worth the space it takes up. Computers are highly complex machines, but should be there to serve not to cause business policy changes.

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