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Instructional Portrait Sculpture DVD

Masters of Portrait Sculpture at Work

The Society's instructional DVD for portrait sculptors provides an insight into the unique approaches of four highly regarded sculptors, each with a lifetime's experience of making portrait sculpture.

It is a goldmine of information for sculptors, scholars and enthusiasts alike to watch masters at work in their studio.

Each of the four films lasts for 30 minutes.



Masters at work_edited.jpg


Paul W. Fletcher FRSS  'I have absolute faith in the intrinsic sculptural quality of the head. I reproduce as exactly as possible what I see, trying not to improve on it in case I might miss the point. Any translation process should be largely subconscious.'

Neal French FRSS 'Likeness does not rely on exact reproduction of physical shape, but on structure, proportion and interval, on the relationships between features, on coherence and expression.'

Vlasta Prachaticka 'In a portrait sculpture there should be the physical reality of the face and the inner expression. For me the inner expression is more important.'

Brian Taylor FRSS 'My search for truth and excellence is not just in terms of achieving a likeness but also something put together well, constructed so that it says something beyond the immediate facts.'

The four sculptors 

The DVD can be ordered here or by emailing your request to giving your name and postal address. The price including post and packaging is £35 and can be paid using this Paypal link on this website or by sending a cheque payable to The Society of Portrait sculptors to Fiona Whitehouse, PA:Anywhere, 126 Greenhill Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 5DU.

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