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Peng Jia


Member of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association

Member of The Sculpture Professional Committee of China Committeeman of Sculpture-art


I was born into a carving aristocratic family in Quyang---the hometown of stone carving in China, our family completed many national marble projects in the history, and now I live and work in Beijing.I like to do the portrait sculpture very much! I believe that every character has their own unique inner world, and a good portrait work should restore the true state of the character as much as possible by interpreting their life, emotions, cultural background, and other aspects. This requires me as a portrait sculptor to have in-depth thinking, meticulous observation of characters, and a deep understanding of human nature and culture in order to create works that resonate with viewers.

I specialize in realistic portrait sculptures. Representative works include the stone statue of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, the bronze statue of Yang Jingren(the former vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)and the statue of Bai Juyi(poet) in the memorial hall of Bai Juyi's hometown. 

Born (Date):1981.5


Studio Location:JiaPeng sculpture gallery, Tongzhou District Beijing, P.R.China.

Materials you work in:Marble, bronze, wood, stainless steel, etc


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