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The Society Prize 

The former Freakley Prize was replaced in 2012 by The Society Prize.

A prize of £1,000 for Outstanding Portrait Sculpture is awarded for the best three dimensional human portrait in the Society’s annual exhibition.

Pictured: Marcus Cornish MRSS receives the award from Malcolm Hay, Curator of Works of Art at the Palace of Westminster at FACE2018

Marcus Cornish MRSS.jpg

Winners of the Society Prize

2012 Nanna Drewes Brøndum

2013 Suzie Zamit 

2014 Tony Hall

2015 Guy Reid

2016 Olivia Musgrave

2018 Marcus Cornish

Winners of the Freakley Prize

2003 Martin Jennings                                      

2004 John A.H.Williams                                   

2005 Silvia MacRea Brown                              

2006 Laurence Edwards                           

2007 Vlasta Prachaticka                                

2008 Irena Sedlecka                                         

2009 Leslie Punter

2010 David Klein

2011 Li Xiang-qun

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